Life Is Like A Dumpling

Life is like a dumpling.

My first post! My goal for this new blog is to update it as often as I can. When I first attempted food blogging, I created a food blog on tumblr. The purpose of my tumblr was, honestly, just to share my food photos. I occasionally posted recipes, but got quite lazy with it. Last night I spontaneously decided that I would, in my second attempt to become a proper food blogger, start an actual blog on WordPress.

I decided to do this because a.) starting from scratch would motivate me to keep it up and b.) blogging my recipes and kitchen adventures will probably make my cooking more exciting and adventurous!

The reason my blog is called ‘life is like a dumpling’ is a long story. It’s silly, but it’s (somewhat) sentimental. Last year, I told my friends about a speech I made in boarding school. This speech revolved around the idea that life is like a dumpling, and how food is nourishing not only for our bodies, but for our souls as well. I pulled up my speech today and reread it. Here’s a little excerpt:

“As funny as it sounds, boarding is very similar to a dumpling. The filling inside is made up of many different foods, and usually comprises of a mix of different vegetables and meat. Every boarder is part of the dumpling filling, because they are all different and unique. Our sense of family is the wrap that holds all the special things each boarder can bring to boarding.”

Isn’t it cheesy? In all seriousness, though- I might have only referred to boarding school as similar to the dumpling, but I think my friends and I have used the phrase (in jest) so much that it has grown on me. Picking a name for this blog was extremely difficult. I was thinking of ‘tummy rumble time’ (suggested by my boyfriend, who is very much into wrestling, football, and other manly things…), ‘koality kitchen’ (koala, koality- get it?), and ‘the kitchen confessions’, but none of them really appealed to me. When my friend Rachel suggested ‘life is like a dumpling’, I couldn’t help but surrender and agree that it was, indeed, the perfect name for my blog. A perfect, beautiful, cheesy name. Life is filled with beautiful people, divine food, and wonderful places.

My life is a beautiful dumpling. Here’s to, hopefully, a long and prosperous blog filled with food adventures.

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