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Beetroot pasta

The other night, I discovered a copy of Jamie Oliver’s cookbook ‘The Naked Chef’ in my kitchen. Whoever lived in my flat before me must have left it, because I don’t remember purchasing any of Jamie Oliver’s books. Flipping through it, I discovered an entire section devoted to making homemade pasta- regular everyday pasta, spinach pasta, pepper pasta, beetroot pasta… To be honest, I really just wanted to make beetroot pasta because it was pink. Can you blame me? The book had such beautiful pictures, but seeing the brightness of pink pasta on my kitchen counter was an entirely different experience. I have a handy little pasta maker at home, and it’s capable of making giant pasta sheets, linguine, and fettucini, but since Lewis has gone gluten-free, opportunities to use it have diminished. I think you can imagine my surprise and delight when he decided to take a break from being gluten-free for a night to make beetroot pasta for dinner! It’s surprisingly quite simple to make your own pasta- just eggs and flour. The hardest part is the rolling and shaping, but if you have a pasta maker, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.


Beetroot pasta
500 grams strong pasta flour
3 large free-range eggs (the happier your eggs, the tastier your food)
1/2 cup pre-cooked beetroot
Semolina flour for dusting

Food process the beetroot.

We made the pasta by hand, but you can always use an electric mixer with dough hooks, or in a food processor. In a bowl or on a flat surface, make a well in the middle of the flour. Add the eggs, and slowly break the eggs by bringing in the flour from the sides. Slowly sift in the beetroot.  Once it becomes to form a semi-soft dough, use your hands to knead until it becomes, in Jamie Oliver’s words, “smooth, silky, and elastic.” Let the dough chill and rest in the fridge for an hour.

Once it’s chilled, boil the pasta and prepare it however you want. Although simple, adding pesto to pasta will always taste good- which is exactly what we did 🙂

Happy cooking!

Recipe by Jamie Oliver

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11 thoughts on “Beetroot pasta

  1. Amazing colour, thanks for stopping by. I have never made pasta, I don’t know why. I guess I just imagine its hard????

  2. a french girl "cuisine" on said:

    This pasta look just amazing!

  3. Wow I have to try this now! It so fun and bright

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  5. They look so gorgeous!

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